Whisper Cut Blades

Whisper Cut DCU(S)** designed for cutting Concrete & Universal material as well as Granite & Hard Stone. Features the Whisper steel core with air holes for reduced noise and extra cooling.

SKU DDS0105-005   Whisper Cut 105×2.2×10 DCU(S)
SKU DDS0115-005   Whisper Cut 115×2.2×10 DCU(S)
SKU DDS0125-005   Whisper Cut 125×2.2×10 DCU(S)
SKU DDS0180-005   Whisper Cut 180×2.4×10 DCU(S)
SKU DDS0200-005   Whisper Cut 200×2.4×10 DCU(S)
SKU DDS0230-005   Whisper Cut 230×2.6×10 DCU(S)**
SKU DDS0300-005   Whisper Cut 300×3.0x10 DCU(S)**

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