Venom Dry Tile Bits

Venom Bits are designed for :
For speed and convenience of dry drilling
Wet & dry drilling of Granite, Tiles, Concrete, Masonry, Plastic & PVC.
Vacuum brazed technology
M14 thread allows for direct connection to angle grinder.

SKU DCD0005-01   Venom Dry Tile Bit 5mm x M14 VB
SKU DCD0006-01   Venom Dry Tile Bit 6mm x M14 VB
SKU DCD0008-01   Venom Dry Tile Bit 8mm x M14 VB
SKU DCD0010-01   Venom Dry Tile Bit 10mm x M14 VB
SKU DCD0012-01   Venom Dry Tile Bit 12mm x M14 VB

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