Rubi Slim Cutter PLUS

SKU: 710089

The SLIM SYSTEM CUTTER is a manual cutter specially designed for porcelain tiles up to 3 m by 1.2 m and between 3 and 6 mm of thickness.

The set consists of: three 110 cm aluminium guides, 1 scoring wheel with a 22 mm Extreme scoring wheel roller guide, 2 breaking pliers, 2 suction pads and a reinforced nylon carrying case.

  • Facilitates a straight cut without deviations.
  • Offers high quality performance.
  • Progressive separation of the material, reducing the risk of breakage.



  • For manual cutting of large format tiles with thicknesses between 3 and 6mm.
  • Cutting capacity of 310cm. extendable as required with additional guides.
  • With silicone cords incorporated in the guides at its base & the fixing suction pads, the SLIM SYSTEM guarantees accurate straight cuts without deviation.
  • 22mm Scoring Wheel Plus Extreme – Tungsten Carbide mounted on a bearing with titanium treatment to offer a high performance and quality cut.
  • Separation system, by means of adjustable pincers, which ensure a gradual separation of the tile, thus reducing risk of breakage.


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