Rubi TX Tile Cutter

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RUBI TX-N manual cutters are ideal for intensive cutting of ceramic tiles, especially for cutting porcelain (BIa type) and extruded (AI type) tiles. TX-N manual cutters are robust and precise, and particularly suitable for angular and diagonal cuts. All models in the range of TX-N manual cutters include a practical and high performance multipoint breaker with up to 1000 kg of maximum breaking pressure for cutting very hard materials with a thicknesses* of up to 20 mm.

  •  Swivel square with central pivot for fast and accurate measurement of angular cuts.
  • Double set of guides for greater visibility and flexion resistance in large formats.
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels for every material to maximize performance and cutting quality.
  • Reinforced breaking feet*.
  • For large format tiles.
  • Quick clamping system for the square.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Two-layer base with damping effect
  • Highly resistant aluminium base.
  • Heavy duty case for easy transport.
  • Includes Wheels Kit for better mobility (only TX-1200-N)
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels ranging from Ø5/16″(8mm) to Ø7/8″ (22mm).
  • With Ø8mm and 18mm scoring wheels and transport case included.



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