Rubi TP-T Tile Cutters

SKU 710100   TP-75 T Tile Cutter
SKU 710117   TP-102 T Tile Cutter

TP-T manual cutters are ideal for cutting porcelain tiles (BIa type). They include a highly impact-resistant monoguided system, which gives them a very long life.

  • Single guide system highly resistant to impacts. Longer life
  • Breaking system with height adjustment. Optimal separation for each thickness.
  • Swivel square with central pivot for fast and accurate measurement of angular cuts.
  • Long-lasting laser engraved square.
  • Swivel bracket with central pivot for quick and precise measurement of angular cuts.
  • Reinforced breaking feet*.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive and accurate cuts.
  • Two-layer base with damping effect
  • Base supplement for large formats tiles.
  • Strong ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle.
  • Thickness adjustment system with 3 positions (6-9 mm./9-12 mm./12-20 mm.)*.
  • Ø 7/8″(22mm) scoring wheel included.



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