Red Spindle

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The ATR spindle is universal. This means it fits all of our spacing plates. It has an ‘easy grip’ screw head, making it simple to connect to the spacing plate. The screw is stainless steel, so no rusting. It has viewing portals, so you can readily view the position of your tile. The spindle body is ridged making it convenient to grip and turn by hand. If you’re using a cordless drill, the spindle’s ridges provide purchase for your 10mm socket bit. It is designed to work with tile thicknesses of between 6mm and 18mm.

The spindle removes cleanly and easily. Simply unscrew by hand or back them off using a cordless drill – NO force, NO kicking, NO over-clicking. There’s NO risk of fragmenting tiles or leaving any unwanted obstructions behind. Clean, simple and efficient. The spindles are re-useable, so save them for your next job.

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