Dry Polishing Pads Premium

Dry polishing pads are designed for polishing concrete, stone, granite, tiles and terrazzo. The white resin ensures that the pad does not mark any light coloured material. Features a velcro back

SKU DPV0100-DRY3-0100   Dry Polishing Pad 100mm #100
SKU DPV0100-DRY3-0200   Dry Polishing Pad 100mm #200
SKU DPV0100-DRY3-0800   Dry Polishing Pad 100mm #800
SKU DPV0100-DRY3-1500   Dry Polishing Pad 100mm #1500
SKU DPV0100-DRY3-3000   Dry Polishing Pad 100mm #3000 DPV-D
SKU DPV0125-DRY3-050     Dry Polishing Pad 125mm #50 DPV-D
SKU DPV0125-DRY3-0100   Dry Polishing Pad 125mm #100 DPV-D
SKU DPV0125-DRY3-0200   Dry Polishing Pad 125mm #200 DPV-D
SKU DPV0125-DRY3-0400   Dry Polishing Pad 125mm #400

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