45 Degree Notched Trowel Range

SKU 710091   6mm
SKU 710093   8mm
SKU 710092   10mm

This RUBI notched trowel range includes an innovative notched trowel, angled at 45º degrees for an improved comfort and less user effort.

45º notched trowels with RUBIFLEX open handles improve the adhesion of ceramic tile adhesive to the work surface.

The notched trowels with open RUBIFLEX handles have an extremely lightweight and resistant aluminium reinforcement.

  • Improves adherence of the mortar on to work surface.
  • Special carbon steel alloy plate of high wear resistance.
  • Extremely light, high resistance aluminium reinforcement.
  • Highly rigid joint between the reinforcement and the plate.
  • Ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle with two textures.
  • Transparent varnish for protection against corrosion.



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