3mm Orange T Plate (100)

SKU: 695377

The robust nature of the universal spacing plate makes it the heavy lifter of the ATR Levelling System product range. The spacing device of these plates will not flex, so it can support the weight of tiles, and resist the forces of gravity when used on vertical surfaces such as walls. Being universal it can be used on walls and floors.

The plates’ holes and edges, like the floor spacing plate, purposefully allow penetration of adhesive and permit contact of adhesive with the tile. In addition, the innovative plate design permits greater depth of grout over the spacing plate.

The universal range also includes the T spacing plate. T spacing plates were created to deal with non-grid tile patterns. These would include brickwork, herringbone, and random roll patterns. In fact, many different offset tile patterns can be successfully installed because of the T spacing plate.

This T Spacing plate for use on brick pattern or offset installations – no special tools needed.

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